Step 1: Proposal Creation

Contributors use the database. Proposals have a status field which is set to draft by default. No action is needed at this stage.

Step 2: Discussion

Step 2 Implementation

Once status is changed from draft to discussion, send a message in #💡-proposals-workshop in the JuiceboxDAO discord server with the following template:

<aside> 💬 Proposal from <AUTHOR>: https://<LINK_HERE>


Then create a discussion thread. Make the thread name the proposal title, and set “Archive After Inactivity” to 1 week. Parse the author and title from the proposal BODY—proposals must start with a header in the following format:

Title: *Proposal title*
Author: *Author name*
Date: *Creation date YYYY-MM-DD*

Once the discussion thread is created, put a link in the “Discussion thread” field in .

There should also be a status called DISCUSSION ONLY for authors that want to keep the proposal in discussion.

Step 3: Temperature Check

Step 3 Implementation

At the start of a new funding cycle, update all proposals with status “discussion” to “temperature check”. Create a Discord react poll in the corresponding discussion threads and pin those messages.

The poll is an embed message which directs users to react with👍 or 👎. Put a link in the “temperature check” field in . Compile all links into an announcement which tags @governance announcements (formatting example here). Include a unix timestamp (<t:timestamp>) for when temperature checks will end in the announcement.

Create Proposal IDs in the format “JBP-XXX”. Put this ID in the corresponding field.

Lock editing 24 hours before the end of temperature check to allow for translation (lock page on Notion). Authors can revoke proposals at any time by setting the status to “cancelled”.

Once temperature checks are complete, a message should be sent in the discussion thread listing who reacted with 👍 or 👎 by the time voting ended.

Step 4: Offchain Voting

Step 4 Implementation

Once temperature checks are complete, export markdown files for all proposals with at least 10 👍 reacts and a 30% 👍 ratio. Set the status of passing proposals to “offchain voting” and set the status of failing proposals to “cancelled”.