Author:Steven Echtman
Date: (2023-01-17)


Juicebox Sponsorship of DAOPlanet’s, a multi-day ETHDenver Side Event, to  increased awareness of, and engagement with, Juicebox’s platform and community, as well as highlight the benefits of the Juicebox protocol and tools to Developers and DAOs.


Juicebox is a valued DAOPlanet partner, hosting DAOPlanet fundraising projects and having participated in prior events. DAOPlanet recognizes the value in consistent brand inclusion and keeping Juicebox at at the forefront of our conversations around project funding and treasury management. Towards this end DAOPlanet continues to promote Juicebox at all of its events even when there were no sponsorship requests or approved proposals, including DAODenver '22, SF Tales from the Crypto Event, SF Blockchain Week Unconference, DCentral Miami DAOPlanet Stage and booth, etc. This DAODenver, DAOPlanet is working closely with CityDAO. CityDAO is sponsoring hackathon teams to build during BUIDL week (including possibility of a pre-presentation/competition at DAODenver) with projects going on to submit and present at the ETHDenver event the following weekend. DAOPlanet will work with CityDAO to bring awareness, and potential inclusion, of Juicebox in its hackathon team projects.

DAODenver 2023 is a great venue (located directly across the street from the ETHDenver’s BUIDL Week BUIDL Hub) for Juicebox to present the latest advances to its technology platform and tools, and showcase how they are being used by organizations to fund projects and manage treasuries. It provides an opportunity to engage with other prominent DAOs and active Web3 communities, tap into the 10’s of thousands of Web3 enthusiasts descending on Denver for ETHDenver, and to build on existing relationships as well as recruit new projects and users to its platform.

About DAOPlanet:

DAOPlanet is a non-profit organization on a mission to help over 10 million organizations adopt DAO principles and tools in order to provide greater productivity, flexibility, and representation for their contributors. The vision is greater representation for individuals within communities, organizations, businesses, and the entire world.

About ETHDenver & DAODenver:

ETHDenver is arguably the largest Crypto/Web3 conference in the United States. ETHDenver takes place annually between mid-February and Early March. This year’s ETHDenver spans February 24th through March 5th, where February 24th through March 1st is designated as BUIDL Week, where developers and enthusiasts meet for building and ETHDenver “side events,” and March 2nd through 5th is the ETHDenver “Main Event” (a period where side-events are strongly discouraged).

DAOPlanet’s marquee ETHDenver Side Event, DAODenver, is now in its 2nd year. DAODenver 2023 is scheduled to span February 27th through March 1st (during ETHDenver’s BUIDL Week), and accommodate approximately 300 in-person attendees each day. This multi-day program spotlights today’s most interesting and encouraging DAOs, including the hurdles and challenges they’ve experiences, as well as the solutions they’re exploring and have put in place. Event tracks include legal structures and considerations, tokenization and tokenomics, Web3 tools and protocols, regulatory implications, governance and strategy, and more.

A virtual livestream will be provided for those unable to attend in-person and session recordings will be made available after the event. Event revenues go to the production of DAODenver. Any remaining funds support the mission and vision of DAOPlanet, a Trustless Unincorporated Non-Profit Association (TUNA).


This Proposal is for Juicebox sponsorship of DAODenver, a multi-day DAO-focussed ETHDenver BUIDL Week side event. Proposal is for a “Launch Pad” priced sponsorship of $3,333 (while delivering most of the sponsorship package benefits of the $7,777 “Ignition” package).

DAOPlanet’s team will work with Juicebox to assure the Juicebox DAODenver sponsorship is a success. This includes customizing any selected sponsorship package(s) to maximize the accomplishments of Juicebox’s objectives.

The DAOPlanet team will also work with Juicebox to craft a stage presentation and/or panel discussion that engages and educates attendees and delivers an “aha moment” to those unfamiliar with Juicebox. The DAOPlanet team will work to assure people are more familiar with Juicebox’s mission and activities, and understand how they can engage further.

Attendees & Ticketing:

DAOPlanet is providing a "Free Access” General Admission onramp for DAODenver 2023, so everyone has the opportunity to attend. Similar to ETHDenver’s ticketing (where free tickets are available to specified token holders and SporkDAO members), free DAODenver access will be made available to all Juicebox members, as it is to DAOPlanet Discord members and other partner communities.

It’s anticipated that based on DAODenver’s venue location (across the street from ETHDenver’s main BUIDL Week venue), easy access to free general admission tickets, and the extra attention directed to DAODenver by this year’s major partners, DAODenver will attract many more attendees and periodically exceed our anticipated 300 person venue capacity. In the event that venue capacity is reached, separate lines will be maintained for Free General Admission attendees and attendees with "Priority Access" credentials. "Priority Access" tickets are provided to sponsors based on sponsorship level, and are available for purchase via fiat (on Eventbrite), or via a qualifying Priority Access NFT available via DAOPlanet’s Juicebox (V3) project, holding a DAO PLANETS NFT, via Unlock Protocol, and to those purchasing "ETH/DAODenver Experience" accommodations packages.