Status quo

Juicebox is currently perceived as a once-off crowdfunding platform. The most financially successful projects on Juicebox are one-off fundraisers.

With the launch of V2, the possibilities are effectively limitless; we could take this thing in many different directions. The question is: which one? To answer that, we need a strategy.

Currently, our strategy is based on intuition; we build what we think our users will want, and what we think will make Juicebox successful.

This strategy has a problem: we don’t have a shared idea of what ‘success’ means . This leads to a few other inefficiencies:

The goal of this effort is to align on a strategy for (and beyond) so that we build awesome shit that we’re all proud of, that enables Juicebox projects to thrive, and that keeps the DAO alive well into the future.



Juicebox is in a unique position; we have a long runway and are beholden to no one. We can literally build anything we want (in line with our mission and values). We should continue to use this to our advantage when thinking about strategy.

What strategy is not: